Yesterday at 4:26 PM

ALAN CARON: With LePage, keep the clicker handy

Every morning I have a big glass of news with breakfast and then snack throughout the day. It’s a lifelong habit learned from watching the incomparable Walter Cronkite every night with my folks. Now I watch with our 8-year-old. I’m not sure if he got the bug from me or just from being restlessly curious about everything happening in the world. One night, at dinner, he said, “Can we watch the news tonight?”, and we haven’t stopped since.

It’s not easy watching the news these days with an 8-year-old. You have to keep the remote handy and be prepared for lots of questions, because the news can be both complicated and, at times, inappropriate. But at least the national news always ends with an uplifting example of people doing the right thing for the world.